Witt Staff & Exit Plans

I hope to leave this Friday for a year of van roving in River.

Lots of reasons.  My house in Toledo is downsized and will be rented out by local Property Management.

Its time to enjoy the van I purchased for retirement fun. It has been freeing to finish years of to do projects, selling much clutter and sorting belonging into Van, Indiana, and store for two years.

I am in good health, and will improve my health by getting on the road and walking in National Parks, watercolor journaling, and writing. My plan is to NOT have reservations in places, most of the time, and look for spots in National Park campgrounds where I can stay for several days and notice what is around me.

I will enjoy Utah first, and then head east. My outline is to be in Indiana with Siblings in June, then fly to Oregon to officiate at a wedding, drive my car to Glacier for a week of tour guiding, then drive on to Indiana.  I’ll camp at a reunion of the famous Michigan Women’s Music Festival (my first time). Then probably some more Indy Family support, with some mid-west short trips before another long trip in the van back to Contra in Idaho and then travel south through CA and across the southwest and south east.

My youngest brother has just been diagnosed with ALS- and I anticipate being some practical support now, and as needed over then next couple of years.  So, I anticipate being gone from my Oregon routines for probably two years, though I may surprise myself and come home earlier.  Oregon is home.

You are part of my tribe…those for whom I post photos on Facebook, and those I think of when you “like” them or comment.  I am alone in my travels, but not really.  I will talk to folks along the way, and I will continue to be connected to you.

——— In the midst of these plans, Witt chose to complete her life in Toledo. They say, “Cats have staff.” I worked from Christmas 1999 until this afternoon, April 9, for Witt.  Her final demand: bury me by my catnip!

Captain Witt tolerated Kayaking (she loved lap time, even if dripped on by a paddle) yet she did not like to travel.  In younger years she was a skilled hunter in attic and yard, for mice, voles and occasional birds, which she devoured as though starved.  She’s traveled to Jasper, Canada and roamed free after escaping at a campground in Glacier National Park-for an afternoon.  She moved to Toledo, OR with me in 2007 and created a local neighborhood for herself.

On Friday evening, she stopped walking except to pull herself in and out of her nearby litter box.  On Sunday am, she died peacefully and will be buried in a few minutes in the sunshine as requested.  She gave me 18 years of her life (90+/-) and I am grateful she chose her own way, place and time to die.  I would hope the same for myself, if I am offered that option.

I spent the am talking with a friend, journaling and now posting in a photo journal that will become my travel blog as I travel the US.  Witt really did not want to make this trip, so she chose to stay in Toledo.

It’s Tuesday and I posted this on Facebook tonight.

4 thoughts on “Witt Staff & Exit Plans

  1. Witt (not Whitt; I knew a person nick-named Whit – thus the “h”) re: cover photo on prior page. Wonderful cat (aren’t they all?) whom I was honored to meet in person a couple of times. She certainly was comfortable on her estate overlooking the Toledo bluff.

    Best wishes on final packing. The renters will have a marvelous home there.

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