Engineering Change at 2020 GC

Notes on a New Methodism

As we move toward the 2020 General Conference we are facing gridlock.
The problem is systemic. The Discipline
never envisioned this situation and the Constitution is designed to be a
self-perpetuating unity.

Various proposals for restructuring are too complicated and
politically unviable. Different scenarios for creating three branches within
the current denomination or other such reconfigurations are unlikely to succeed
given the overwhelming rejection of the Connectional Conference Plan in St.

Proposals for separation are also very complicated. A formal division requires constitutional amendments that may be too difficult and take too long to ratify. And it is unclear whether many moderates and progressives are willing to leave, choosing instead to stay in and attempt to retake the denomination.

The biggest problem with separation is that there is
currently no new denomination(s) with
which moderates and progressives can join. One cannot expect a congregation or
annual conference to decideā€¦

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One thought on “Engineering Change at 2020 GC

  1. Darren Cushman Wood is pastor at North UMC in Indianapolis IN and a Reconciling UMC that is located in a very conservative Annual Conference. His work for a new Methodism is worthy of your attention, so I reposted his latest blog here. More from Bren soon!

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