Sabboth Time

Great Smoky National Park

In southern Kentucky,  I delighted to stop and visit Linda, a High School friend, at her home on her husbands families historic land.

GSMNP offered me four nights by a bubbling stream, with little noise until the weekend. I took time to gaze at the water or study the color of leaves.  I used a 25-cent Trolley to get to Laurel Falls to hike, sketch and marvel at the number of people on the trail.  For three days I stayed close to the campsite, never driving.  Saturday, I left at 630 am to drive to Cades Cove as the Loop is closed to motor vehicles dawn until 10 am.   So an 11-mile bike ride around a farming community, past historic farms and churches.  A black bear eating beneath a tree a safe distance from the road offered a thrill.

I drove on to a nearby café and enjoyed WIFI after three days of WIFI fasting.  The vistas are stunning; the smoky is getting worse due to pollution from autos and coal fired electric plants.  I met two new flowers: Cardinal Flower and Touch-Me-Not, and was surprised how Rhododendrons are everywhere. I see hints of color already and look forward to the fall’s display.

I found myself NOT getting quickly to this blog, not studying Spanish or anything else.  I recognize after the push to get downsized, get packed, get on the road it was time to rest, take Sabbath.  Thus I have Sabbothed. (is that a word?)

NOTE:  This is the third blog published in one day. I have been at NOMADS project a week and will add that blog soon.  The intensity of our work is evidenced by the delay in getting these published.



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